New Trends at the Paris Flea Market!

Some of the many finds at the Paris Flea Market.

One of my favorite methods to finding amazing pieces for my clients is visiting flea markets when we travel to Europe. Tucked in corners, hidden in a side alley or even a treasure sitting right out in the open, one can find treasures for all types of decorating styles.

This past year, on our annual visit to Paris in early November, I spent a cold fall morning looking through the Paris Flea Market with my buyer, Guy. On previous visits I was always greeted by beautiful French chests, tables and chairs so typical of antique period furnishings from the 18th and 19th centuries. But this year I experienced a whole new trend in what the antique dealers are showing.

Paris Flea Market Find

One of the more modern finds at the Paris Flea Market

Almost every stall was full of 20th century pieces with a majority of them from the 60’s and 70’s as you can readily see in the photos. Chandeliers, tables, chairs, light fixtures from multiple decades. There are still great buys to be had at the largest antique market in Paris, but if you are looking for a buffet or secretary in the old French style a little extra looking might be necessary.

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